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Composer Heather Fenoughty has provided a score using guitar and strings with a touch of Celtic folk sound whose sweetness underscores the contrast between this largely restrained exchange and the violence that is being talked about…’

British Theatre Guide Review of Terre Haute (2006)


I’m currently working on StarDog & TurboCat, an animated feature by Red Star 3D.

As composer for film, TV, theatre, adverts, games and online media, I’ve credits on BBC and ITV documentaries and feature films. I’ve scored, soundtracked or mixed nearly 100 short films and composed music for advertisements by CITV, Nissan, Land Rover and other multi-national companies.

My production music has featured on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, CNN Newsroom, CBS News, Channels 4 and 5 et al, and in games – for XBox, iPad and online flash games.

In the past, I’ve provided full post-production audio services for shorts and  online narratives, from dialogue editing and recorded sound cleanup with sound effects, to final production, mixing and mastering. Now I’m focussed on music composition, these audio skills still inform my work.

I create music and design sound for award-winning installation and contemporary theatre, often with Slung Low and Third Angel theatre companies. These scores have played in the West End, off Broadway, for Sundance Theatre Lab, and at Singapore Arts Festival.

My scores can be heard in 4D theme park cinemas across the world in many of Red Star’s 3D CG animations.

I compose a growing, exclusive collection of production music for Premiumbeat. Other tracks from my back catalogue can be found on Pond5 for licensing.

I’ve written about creativity and the business of composing music at ScoreCastOnline.com, and spoken on the use of sound and music in media at universities and film events. I’ve sat on panels to judge film and TV music for BAFTA, BASCA and other film organisations.

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