Latice Game

Client: Adacio

Composition of Music Assets

The Latice app is a mobile version of the board game of the same name. Having already licensed some of my music previously through Premiumbeat for their video marketing, Adacio wanted some custom music assets for their games’ newest iteration.

I provided a short theme stinger and a brief notification stinger that was optimistic, hopeful, fun, light and friendly.

The 2017 trailer shown here is accompanied by my track ‘Above and Beyond’, licensed through Premiumbeat. read more

Beazley Broker Dash

Beazley Broker Dash Game

Client: Team Cooper

Music, Sound Design and Dialogue

Beazley Broker Dash was running game built on Flash to be played in web browsers.

The game was fun, fast and competitive, and its easy mechanics (just the space bar to jump over gaps between rooftops) meant it became quite addictive.

Team Cooper asked for something fun and exciting; festive but not too light or ‘jingly’.

I provided looping music for the main gameplay, the start and menu screens, and the leaderboard, each with options of varying intensity. read more