Latice Mobile Game

Client: Adacio

Composition of Music Assets

The Latice app is a mobile version of the board game of the same name. Having already licensed some of my music previously through Premiumbeat for their video marketing, Adacio wanted some custom music assets for their games’ newest iteration.

I provided a short theme stinger and a brief notification stinger that was optimistic, hopeful, fun, light and friendly.

The 2017 trailer shown here is accompanied by my track ‘Above and Beyond’, licensed through Premiumbeat.

As the app evolved in other directions, the music no longer appears in the app. Fear not: the notification stinger lives on, however, in the Google Play and App Store! The Latice page on both sites has a teaser trailer, and the stinger is heard at the very end.

The Intro Stinger went through several minor but essential revisions during the feedback process:

Version 1 was much more laid-back and easy-going, and had a slightly retro, 80s family vibe that wasn’t sitting right with the style of the game.

We then tried varying the sustained feeling of the piano, making the piece more ‘spiky’, with the idea of reflecting the pieces of the game.

We also played with the syncopation of the piano baseline too, a subtle but important effect on the overall drive and bounce of the final track.

All images pertaining to the game Latice are copyright of Adacio.