Beazley Broker Dash

Client: Team Cooper

Music, Sound Design and Dialogue

Beazley Broker Dash was running game built on Flash to be played in web browsers.

The game was fun, fast and competitive, and its easy mechanics (just the space bar to jump over gaps between rooftops) meant it became quite addictive.

Team Cooper asked for something fun and exciting; festive but not too light or ‘jingly’.

I provided looping music for the main gameplay, the start and menu screens, and the leaderboard, each with options of varying intensity.

I also provided the sound design assets for the game, including recording both some pencil scribbling effects to match the hand-drawn animation style, and some little snippets of dialogue for Santa as he, on occasion, flew by!

Beazley Broker Dash Game Start Page Screenshot
Beazley Broker Dash Game Leaderboard Screenshot