15 Minutes Live


Client: Slung Low

Dates: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2021

Writer: Various

Director: Various

Music: Heather Fenoughty

15 Minutes Live is show featuring a series of short new plays, performed live, radio-style, in front of an audience with on-stage sound effects and a live band with an original musical score. Starting in 2011 with the most recent in 2021, there have been 5 shows in total where I’ve composed and conducted the band.

“Real event theatre. A perfect Sunday afternoon.” 

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It Happened Here


Client: Slung Low

Date: 2016

Writer: John Hunter

Director: Sally Proctor

Music: Heather Fenoughty

From Slung Low’s website:

“Signs were spotted popping up all over Holbeck; tales of Holbeck’s glorious past and magical present.