Finding Harmony Amidst Chaos: Strategies for Managing Stress in Freelance Media Work

Filey Beach Panorama
Welcome to the busy world of media composition, where deadlines and pressure can be overwhelming - but only if you let them. As a composer, I’ve learned valuable techniques to manage stress and find balance. Here I’ll share my journey and reveal strategies that have made a practical impact on my creative process. Get ready …

Some Of The Things I Cannot Say, Right Now

kristina flour - grayscale photo of woman doing silent hand sign - unsplash
The thing I find about writing blog posts is that it’s actually quite easy when one has no actual proper deadline type work on but it’s basically impossible when one has a gig or two on the go because one can’t really speak candidly about the behind-the-scenes stuff. It has to be hush-hush for various reasons of confidentiality, but also good sense - don’t shout about it till the fat lady sings and all that. You don’t want to jinx it.

How do you Write a ‘Catchy’ Tune?

Notes for What Makes a Catchy Tune - Photo by Heather Fenoughty
So, you’ve been asked to write some music that’s ‘catchy’, ‘sing-able’ and ‘hummable’? Or you’re after it from your composer? This isn’t rare. A huge proportion of my career has involved writing music that is deliberately memorable. But what does a tune being ‘catchy’ actually mean? Aren’t all good tunes memorable? Or is it their ‘memorable-ness’ that makes them 'good'?

Winter Walk – Blogmas #10

Redmires Reservoir on a cold, sunny winter's day | Photo by H Fenoughty
Just a quick one today (and, as promised, way more optimistic!). This morning, a bunch of lovely friends, a magnificent dog, and I went on a brisk, refreshing and death-defying (tres icy 🥶) walk around one of the local reservoirs. Sheffield was rather dashingly handsome today.