How To Compose Music – A Simple Guide

When you first think about composing music, it can be daunting. A little scary, even. How on earth do you go about putting together sounds to make a coherent piece of music, that expresses what you want it to say? Here’s a simple overview of the way I think about my process when I compose music.

How Composing for Choir is Different (for me)

When I compose for choir, I know that there are going to be *lyrics*. This is the one key difference that means my compositional process is different from usual. Lyrics are the words of the choral composition that need to be set to melody, rhythm, and harmonies. These musical structures support the emotional expression of the words. Those lyrics are the priority when considering the overall meaning of the music. They are, usually, either *as important* or *more so* than the associated musical sounds. How I use the lyrics within other musical structures is always something I’m thinking about during the process.

Are You Up for a Challenge? 30 Days of Music Morning Pages

Handwritten Music Manuscript
I'm on to the next stage of my DYCP project. Up until a few weeks ago I was learning new tools and techniques, and now I'm supposed to be composing. Which, in theory, sounds like a lovely thing, doesn't it? To have 3 months to just write whatever I want? Living the dream. But omg do I like to make things more difficult than they need to be and suddenly I'm feeling all this pressure to produce something awesome. We creatives do like to beat ourselves up unnecessarily, don't we.

Big Announcement – I got Arts Council funding to Develop My Creative Practice (DYCP)

Developing Your Creative Practice, Supported by Arts Council England
HUGE NEWS! I got funded. I'm now supported as an artist by Arts Council England. How bleeping exciting! I'm going to take a decent chunk of the next 7 months to both learn some new computer music toys and tools, go deeper into the capabilities of some of the tools I already have but haven't …