Emergency Story Penguin

Client: Slung Low

Date: 2015

Writer: John Hunter

Director: Alan Lane

Music: Heather Fenoughty

The Emergency Story Unit is a secret organisation that deploy at a moment’s notice to wherever in the world there’s a story emergency.

And today you get to have a look around their state of the art submarine. A submarine powered only by song!

When news arrives of a stranded penguin all the way down in Antarctica, with your help maybe, just maybe, the penguin can be saved and tell her story once again. But you’re going to have to be brave. And clever.

All aboard! There’s a story to save!

Emergency Story Penguin is an interactive adventure for young audiences and their families. An installation incorporating puppetry, video and music. “Empowers as it entertains” (reviewsgate.com).

from Slung Low’s Website