The Good, The Bad And A Horse 3D

Client: Red Star 3D

Director: Ben Smith

Producer: Jan Rogowski

Music composed, produced and mixed by Heather Fenoughty

Sound Design by Wilfredo Acosta

“The Good, The Bad and A Horse 4D” tells the story of a brave young sheriff and his horse in pursuit of the meanest, baddest and stinkiest bandit in the whole wide Wild West.

The bank robber evades capture by means of a most unusual weapon and escapes on a train with the loot. But our hero doesn’t give up. Accompanied by the West’s most ornery, most reluctant and most apple-minded of steeds, he chases the villain down.

From a shoot-out in a blackened mine to a roller coaster ride on hazardous railway, we follow these iconic characters in a full 4D comic adventure

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