Games + Interactive Media


Boom Beach: Frontlines (Soft Launch) (Space Ape Games) – Homescreen Jazz and other music R&D


The Distraction Agents (Third Angel) – Theme R&D, Sound Design and Research for Physical and Online Theatrical Mystery Experience:

Part puzzle, part game, part film, part real life, The Distraction Agents is an on and offline experience, arriving first as an intriguing package through the post full of beautifully designed printed objects, followed by instructions as to how to complete the challenges, delivered to your inbox as a series of short films across a week.

Audiobook Toy Prototype (TCC Global) – Storybook musical theme development, composition, recording and production.


Latice (Brent Vincent/Adacio Inc.) – UI/UX jingles and sound design for iPad strategy game


The Masquerade (Slung Low/Clay Interactive/V&A Museum) – Interactive Exhibition using Kinect technology


Hero in the Ocean – Online Flash Game (MakMik Games) – Premiumbeat track license

2012 (J. Hunter/Slung Low, 2012)
Sound editing, sound design
Online narrative extension for They Only Come At Night: Pandemic (Slung Low/Singapore Arts Festival)

Ferry Christmas* – Online Flash Game (DFDS Seaways/Team Cooper) – Original Music and preparation


Rooftop Rush* – Online Flash Game (Ebuyer /Team Cooper) – Music arrangement and preparation


Beazley Broker Dash* – Online Flash Game (Team Cooper) – Original Music and preparation

Starlight Xmas* – Online Flash Game (Zedarus) –Premiumbeat track license

Miasma – Xbox Indie auto-strategy game (ESP Games) – Premiumbeat license


Online narrative/viral marketing campaign TOCANLive (J. Hunter/Slung Low, 2009) – sound editing, website design


Online Drama Pilot – ‘THE END IS NIGEL’ (J. Hunter/Screen Yorkshire, 2008) – Music composition, sound design, foley, sound mixing, flash animation, webdesign (I wore a lot of hats on this project!)

*Flash games require the Adobe Flash plugin which is no longer supported. 😭