Work and Play

Me looking up at flags

In July, I prepped some choral work for Blood & Chocolate. The preliminary rehearsal was very encouraging. Those chaps can really sing.

During August, I’m working on several Red Star projects.

I’m also doing a Twitter and Facebook fast. Admittedly, I logged in when I got a mention on the twitter, and also to play Team Cooper’s latest game on FB, Fraxinus. But apart from that I’m just ignoring those timesuckers, for the time being.

I found these things interesting in my rss feed:

Your Career Is Not A Disney Movie

I used to be a proponent of the ‘passion’ mantra. “Do what you’re passionate about, and screw everything else.” Now I just think you pick something you’re pretty good at, you don’t mind doing, and then spend your time getting better at it, and try and have fun in the meantime. Passion will get you started, but grit and determination will get you across the finish line. Sometimes, the very word ‘passion’ induces a heavy fatigue over me only chocolate layer cake can assuage.

The 10,000 Hours Rule Doesn’t Exist

Following on from the ‘grit and determination’ realisation, comes this to smack me in the chops. A tad disingenuous in the title, the 10,000 hour rule does kind of exist. It’s just more of an average. Anywhere between 0-20,000 hours ought to get you there in the end.

Overcoming “Impostor Syndrome”

Not saying that I’ve ever felt this way. No. Really.

On Looking: 11 Walks with Expert Eyes

A long post but rather nice in inspiring us to look with fresh eyes at our habituated surroundings.

Why You Should Say ‘No’ More

I go through phases of saying ‘No’ a lot. And then I forget that it got me into such a good place and become more complacent. A good reminder for the time-poor idea-rich creatives out there.

Who Am I To Judge The Pope Says Gay Man

This just made me chuckle.

I enjoyed listening to the Cabin in the Woods, Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel albums.

I’ve also become addicted to Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, big styley. Am loving how it’s impacting how I view life and work. New perspectives all the time. Must write more on this…

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