Music on Telly – Blogmas #11

The lovely project I worked on during the summer is being broadcast on UK telly tonight. It’s streaming on Now TV. Red Riding Hood: After Ever After is live, so it’s ok for me with the powers that be to talk about it now.

If you have Sky you can catch it on the Sky Max or Showcase channels, or if you have Now TV you can watch it whenever you like. I hope it’ll be on there for years to come.

It’s brilliant having worked on a show that goes on TV, and gets broadcast at primetime. It doesn’t happen half as much as I’d like! The thought of loads of kids and families watching it and hearing the tunes I wrote is quite delightful. Doesn’t get old.

Apart from that… how the heck are you? Well, I’ve let this blogmas effort go a bit to pot, but I’m still declaring it a roaring, unmitigated success, and I haven’t even finished yet. Reasons, thus…

  1. More posts written in the last few weeks than in the previous 6 months (or more).
  2. I moved beyond the SEO-focused, polished, info-dump style blogs into an easier, conversational post that’s so much more fun to write (and hopefully to read).
  3. They also take less time to write and post because I’m not thinking about keyword density, extracts, tagging, and minimum/maximum lengths. I concern myself with just what’s on my mind on the day.

I’ve missed dates because I’ve been travelling, doing meetings, going to Christmas business gatherings and a screening, and the rest of the time, no word of a lie, I’ve mostly been sleeping! I love to get out and see the people I work with in person. It’s lovely to put a real-life human to the emails and zoom screens that are my usual fare.

And then, as most good introverts are wont to do… I sleep off the social hangover. Just a necessary part of existence, it’s not worth resisting. Teetotaller that I am, I don’t even have booze as an excuse. I also have a suspicion that post-covid might have a slight additional effect on the fatigue.

From now on, I have no more big social gatherings, and I plan on hibernating ’til (at least) the new year. Here’s hoping whatever you have planned leaves you feeling recharged, refreshed and ready for 2023.

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