Music for Arturia – Analog Lab Play and Inward Universe Soundpacks

Arturia asked me to create some music to demonstrate the range of a couple of their new soundpacks – and here they are below, along with appearing on their website. Arturia is a music hardware and software company, and these collections of sounds were a real pleasure to use to compose the following tracks:

Haruto’s Remembrance

Composed using Analog Lab and their free-to-download soundpack ‘Play’. This starts with nostalgia and develops into something more dramatic and hopeful.

Escape Velocity

Composed using Analog Lab Pro, and the soundpack ‘Inward Universe‘. This is a more subtly driving and dark piece with a very retro feel, becoming more bright and exciting as it builds towards the climax.

Thanks to Arturia for the commission and the use of their ace soundbacks. I had a great deal of fun working with them – it’s always inspiring to get one’s hands on new music toys!

At the time of writing, another track is on its way, news to follow…

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