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15 Minutes Live, made by Slung Low, was performed and recorded on 19th May 2013 at Theatre in the Mill (Bradford) in front of a live studio audience, directed by Alan Lane, produced by Laura Clark, with foley and sound engineering by Matt Angove (and most of the post-production mixing all whilst becoming a new dad!).

HUGE thanks to my wonderful band all of whom always make my random scores sound a million billion times better than they did on paper thanks to mad interpretive and improvisational skills (and taking all my conducting gestures with a pinch of salt…): John Arnesen (drums/percussion/glockenspiel et al), Chris Brain (violin), Tom Collingwood (cello) (who also just became a new dad! They’re all at it!), Sam Jones (clarinet, saxophone) and Chris Noble (keyboard/french horn).

British, Muslim and Divorced was written by Irna Qureshi and starred Zahra Ahmadi and Rani Moorthy

Two for a While was written by Stephanie Street and starred Zahra Ahmadi.

Dating for Godot was written by Jim Spiers and starred Rob Pickavance and Dominic Gately.

I, Object was written by the lovely John Hunter, and starred Zahra Ahmadi, Rob Pickavance, Nicola Miles-Wildin and Dominic Gately.

Photo by Jonathan Velasquez on Unsplash

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