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Twitter is an online, micro-blogging site which asks the simple question ‘what are you doing now?’ and you respond in 140 characters or less. I’ve been on it for about 3 weeks now, and it’s value as a networking and collaboration tool is probably what will keep me there.

Initially, I joined purely out of curiosity – there were a few friends on there and I’d seen twitter updates from Facebook friends too.  I write little notes about what I was up to and it was all a bit aimless.

However, it now appears that it could be a goldmine for networking and marketing, not just a rather narcissistic way to spend one’s spare time.

I discovered the different brands of twitterers.  There are those that simply commentate on their day to day carry on, a little bit like a self-imposed ‘Big Brother’ situation. Unless these are friends (or famous idols!) that you really are interested in, there’s not much to be had from knowing that someone in New York just had their morning cup of coffee.

There are twitterers that are there purely to advertise their own wares – earrings, e-books etc. <yawn>

Then there are those who share links to interesting blogs or online articles and the ones that like to share inspirational or pithy quotes, or brief, one-line ideas.  These are nice for a little bit of distraction and/or entertainment.

The most interesting twitterers I’m ‘following’ are the ones who work in music and sound, post-production for television and film, or related industries.  They’re from all over the world – LA, Germany, UK, New York. It’s fascinating to see the daily carry-on of these people, and to make contact with them, and to hopefully become friends, and maybe colleagues, but that’s certainly not the be all and end all (although it would be nice! 🙂 ).

It’s more like a developing support network that I see forming, for me anyway, with the potential for collaboration, rather than sales. Rather than saying,”this is what i’m selling, are you gonna buy it or what?”, it’s more useful and, ultimately, more rewarding, if you approach with ‘hi, I’m here, interested in what you’ve got to say, if I can help you in anyway let me know”.  I’m in it for developing relationships and gaining new insights into the industry.

When you’ve had a look around Twitter, or if you’re already on there, I’d love to hear your experiences and how you see it fitting into your life (or not!). Has it been useful, made any cool connections, discovered anything new you wouldn’t have otherwise?

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