The Usefulness of a Chord Progression

It’s verrrry difficult to copyright a short chord progression, say, of four chords or thereabouts. In fact it’s impossible. Having a music composing mental block? Go find a chord progression from your favourite piece of music (if you have a crisis of conscience about being ‘inspired’ in this way, firstly don’t, Bach did it, but if you’re STILL feeling guilty, turn it back to front, jiggle it around first), play a little melody over the top and then, ta-da! Use all of that as a basis for your theme.

For example, why not use I-V-vi-IV, as illustrated in this little YouTube video. Evidently, you won’t be the first 😉


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  1. When it comes to Intellectual Property in business I have begun to tak the position that there really is no such thing as original thought. But there is original expression. This is such a fabulous demonstration of that idea. Thanks!

  2. Heather,

    In another dimension, I’m a competent piano player. The very little that I’ve dabbled, it has soothing for me, especially when I compose my own little melodies. It’s been a while though. Your site makes me remember what I’ve forgotten: What it feels like to sit at the piano and create.

    Thank you for that youtube lesson. Very helpful to hear all of that. Fascinating!

    I really enjoy the music in your player on the side of your blog. Many of the tunes are moving. Wow!

    This gets me away from the same old business blogs and into another world. Fun. Thanks!

    “Without music, life would be a mistake.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

  3. John – thanks! glad you enjoyed the youtube, it certainly made me smile. And it’s great that you enjoyed my tunes – it’s always heartwarming to hear that 🙂

    Keep playing and creating!

  4. Also, it can be helpful to toy with inversions… which often times will lead to interesting substitutions… and voila. That staid 4 chord progression is starting to blossom !!

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