Online Drama ‘THE END IS NIGEL’ goes LIVE

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The online apocalyptic comedy-drama ‘THE END IS NIGEL’ is now LIVE!

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‘THE END IS NIGEL’ is an online offbeat comedy-drama about a possible impending apocalypse…

Final year film student Verity was making a documentary about local nutter Nigel who used to haunt the park wearing a sandwich-board reading ‘the end is nigh’. But on her final day of filming, Verity saw Nigel being bundled into the back of a van. This is her online campaign to find out whether Nigel was right…that the End is indeed Nigh!

This project was originally commissioned by SCREEN YORKSHIRE and BLINK to be a two-minute film for mobile phones, but [became] a little high-concept but low-budget online world full of webcomics, blogs and dummy websites, following saxophone-wielding deities, shady corporations and facing life after university as Verity tries to find out what happened to Nigel.

From beginning to end, this story takes about twenty minutes to click your way around. [We’re] hoping to use this first chapter to raise funding and tell more ambitious cross-platform stories. It has been a great experience in learning how to tell a story in a different way.

I’ve been working on this project for the last ooh.. four months now, and I’m very proud to say that it is now ready to be let loose on the world-wide web.

‘THE END IS NIGEL’ uses online video, comic strips, journals, animation and ‘dummy’ websites to create a world of conspiracy and intrigue.

I’ve worked on this project in the dual capacity of sound- and web-design. In my role as composer and sound designer, I went completely over the top with dramatic music and ominous sound; I cleaned up and foley-ed the live-filmed elements; and I mixed the sound for the films and animations so they were fit for broadcast over the web.

I talk about the constraints and solutions for mixing sound for web here, in Sound Mixing Techniques for Online Web Audio, compared with the usual aesthetics of mixing for the cinema, theatre or television.

I also stretched my web-design muscles and constructed the interweaving set of websites that the films play on, the flash animations, and some of the graphics work…

…there’s a reason it took me quite so long as four months.

I’m astonished at how epic this project (both the story and the amount of work involved) turned out to be. I feel honoured to have worked with such a nice bunch of talented cast and crew. And I’m soooo chuffed with the result. I really hope you enjoy it.

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