Sound Designing Experimental Theatre: Silica

black and white image of vintage condenser microphone for voice
I'm in the process of sound designing a new piece of experimental theatre: Silica. It's a highly visual theatre installation that merges live performance, composed sound, sculpture and film. The piece explores erosion, both of landscape and of the mind, presenting shifting, beautifully surreal and blurred perceptions of reality. It uses the language of landscapes to discuss disappearance and the ephemerality of moments within our lives and looks at memory not as a link to the past but the construction of a present “reality”.

Speedy Sound Design

Headphones on a yellow background
When time is short and you're looking for a little fresh inspiration, try a couple of the free sound design toys from ixi-audio. Personally I'd recommend ixiquarks and noiser, that you can find links for on their software page. Ixiquarks is a modular synthesis program where you can chain effects to create original sounds, and …

Online Drama ‘THE END IS NIGEL’ goes LIVE

close up microphone in front of an audience

'THE END IS NIGEL' is an online offbeat comedy-drama about a possible impending apocalypse...
This project was originally commissioned by SCREEN YORKSHIRE and BLINK to be a two-minute film for mobile phones, but [became] a little high-concept but low-budget online world full of webcomics, blogs and dummy websites, following saxophone-wielding deities, shady corporations and facing life after university as Verity tries to find out what happened to Nigel.

How to create sound design for a Pixar Animation:
Wall-E and Ben Burtt


Just watched Wall-E again (fab xmas present - thank you!). Have to say that robot is the most adorable thing ever - and in no small way owes this to the sound designer Ben Burtt. Discovered through a post on, these short videos show how Ben Burtt created the physical, sonic reality of a …

Tips for Composing Music With A Computer
(ie How To Make It Sound Good)


Composing on a computer sequencer with software/outboard synthesizers and samples is quite a bit different to composing for real instruments. There's no subsitute for an orchestra when that's the sound you want. However, if you think of your kit as something other than an orchestra-in-a-box, and write instead to its strengths, you might not ever …