Beyond The Front Line – Trailer for a Slunglow Show

Beyond The Front Line is a new show by Slunglow, currently in development and due to play at the Lowry, Manchester in October.

Though I can’t say much about it, top secret and all that, I will say that it’s a war-themed, site-specific, promenade, epic, theatrical show that will knock your socks off! 🙂

Below is the new trailer. Well, actually, two trailers with the same image but with different sound design for each (by yours truly). I’d love to know which you prefer; there’s parts of both which I think are very effective with the picture, so I can’t decide.

(this poll has now closed. An even 50:50! A big thank you to everyone who voted!)

Beyond the Frontline Promo 1 from Slung Low on Vimeo.

Beyond the Frontline 2 from Slung Low on Vimeo.

Thanks for voting!

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