27 Tips for Focus and Concentration

Having trouble focusing? Getting distracted and lacking concentration?

Follow these tips to get you back on track…

woman holding paper with 'focus' on it

Avoid Distractions

  1. Turn off twitter, email, facebook, IM, browser
  2. Turn off television audio and mobile phone (i know i know! harsh!)
  3. Schedule time(s) to check the above

Plan your Time

  • Write your To Do list for the day then schedule a time later on to review then forget about it.
  • Keep a notepad nearby for random ideas as they hit you, then forget about them.
  • Plan your work time, give yourself mini deadlines (as in “What About Bob?”, Baby Steps, Baby Steps”)
  • Decide what to do in advance when the computer is doing automated stuff, eg rendering/bouncing down/burning to CD or DVD
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    How to create sound design for a Pixar Animation:
    Wall-E and Ben Burtt

    Just watched Wall-E again (fab xmas present – thank you!). Have to say that robot is the most adorable thing ever – and in no small way owes this to the sound designer Ben Burtt.

    Discovered through a post on filmsound.org, these short videos show how Ben Burtt created the physical, sonic reality of a computer generated image. Useful stuff if you’re in the trade 😉 .

    Video 1

    Video 2

    Video 3

    Video 4