Is your job right for you?

There are plenty of personality and psychometric tests and the likes out there to analyse your personality, your likes and dislikes, your needs, wants and life goals and then come up with your ideal job or perfect career.

Quitting Coffee Cold Turkey

Anyone who knows me knows I love my cuppa hot java. It's been a habit for the last few years (and then some) to have at least two big mugs of black coffee first thing in the morning simply to function at a normal level. And, despite my preaching to the opposite in a previous post on Creativity and How to Deal With Mental Blocks, I have begun to rely on coffee and caffeinated drinks to kick start the inspiration... that is until the last week.

Is Film Music Art or Just Low-Brow Commercial Fluff?

Is any music that is created for a purpose, other than that of it's own existence, art? Is film music art, or theatre music, or advert music, or music that appears on a CD-Rom presentation, or accompanying a website promo film, or music on a trailer? Even if the music's primary purpose is purely commercial - to sell that product or promote another - does that preclude its intrinsic value as art?

Creativity and How To Deal with Mental Blocks

Having a creative career is absolutely the best thing ever.  I really do love it. But there comes a point when you’ve been ‘creating’ for 8 hours straight and suddenly you hit a brick wall – bam! And that’s it. You’ve no idea what to do next.  The well’s run dry.  It doesn’t happen much (thank the lord, buddha, shiva, zeus, whoever’s in charge up there) but it’s a bit of a kick in the nads when it does. Here are a few strategies I’ve tried out to get around, over or through that wall. read more