Quitting Coffee Cold Turkey

A music studio
Anyone who knows me knows I love my cuppa hot java. It's been a habit for the last few years (and then some) to have at least two big mugs of black coffee first thing in the morning simply to function at a normal level. And, despite my preaching to the opposite in a previous post on Creativity and How to Deal With Mental Blocks, I have begun to rely on coffee and caffeinated drinks to kick start the inspiration... that is until the last week.

Is Film Music Art or Just Low-Brow Commercial Fluff?

close up microphone in front of an audience
Is any music that is created for a purpose, other than that of it's own existence, art? Is film music art, or theatre music, or advert music, or music that appears on a CD-Rom presentation, or accompanying a website promo film, or music on a trailer? Even if the music's primary purpose is purely commercial - to sell that product or promote another - does that preclude its intrinsic value as art?