How This Introvert Learned to Love Being In A Live Performance – 15 Minutes Live 2016

15 Minutes Live by Slung Low, which played this year at The Holbeck (previously Holbeck Working Men's Club), Leeds, was an awful lot of fun. More than I was expecting! I'm trying to pick apart why, and here are my thoughts. Is it just that I'm older and wiser, I'm working with friends, I'm far …

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Microphone in a recording studio
The recordings from 15 Minutes Live are now available for free. Back in November 2011, Slung Low and the I Love West Leeds Festival commissioned 6 new short radio plays from writers based in West Yorkshire. The collection of plays were recorded in front of an audience at the Sunny Bank Mills, Farsley with a live band providing the music, arranged, composed and conducted by me and a team of foley artists creating the sound effects.