51 Marketing Ideas for Film Music Composers

51 Marketing Ideas for Film Music Composers is my most recent column for SCORECastOnline.com.

I’ve wracked my brains to come up with all the ways I can possibly think of to market yourself as a film music composer, and this post is the result. I’ll tell you what’s worked for me, what hasn’t, and what I haven’t got around to trying yet.

This is a completely honest post – if I say I’ve tried it and it’s directly led to work, it really has.

This was a tricky post to nail down. The topic of the month of July was Marketing and Branding, something I’ve been delving deep into the research of in the last few months. Initially I was seriously excited – I’ve loads to write, I thought… but then I realised that I’ve read lots of other people’s opinions and tips on marketing and branding so would I just be regurgitating their ideas?

I could have talked about the idea of branding ‘authenticity’. It’s a topic I’m more and more interested in – how it’s in your best interests to just ‘be yourself’ rather than putting on a front, aka ‘fake it ’til you make it’ – which led to the redesign of this site amongst other things.

However, this would have probably come close to the conclusions I’d drawn in Personality Branding, my contribution to SCORECASTOnline.com in June.

This latter posted was sparked by my inquiries into the Myers-Brigs Personality Test, and how it relates to your approach to business, which I first mulled over in a post on here – Are You The Right Personality Type to be a Composer?

But it then occurred to me that, actually, what would be most useful for me would be to find a resource that categorically stated what marketing and branding strategies worked and what didn’t. So I wrote the post that I wanted to read (or that I would have LOVED to have read when I was starting out!).

So here it is. Click to read the post now: 51 Marketing Ideas for Film Music Composers

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