On Making Mistakes, and the Definition of ‘Women’

The word 'women' painted in yellow on a wooden board
Have you joined my newsletter? If so, you may have noticed in my celebration of International Women's Day I attempted to be as inclusive as possible by using any and all words I've seen bandied about on the socials when referring to women. But here's the catch - terms like womxn, womyn, and woman-identifying are not the enlightened and educated terms I thought they were. I should have just said WOMEN.

Ten Tips for Building a Career as a Music Composer for Film, TV and Theatre

There is no magic bullet to getting a foothold into this industry… not unless you consider hard work, lots of rejection, or a healthy bent toward self-determination a “magic bullet”. Is there an easy way in? The answer, as with most things in life, is “no”. Most things that are worth doing don’t come easy. …