On Being Very, Very Busy

2012 has been a busy year. Flown by. On the whole, rather a lot of fun, too.

2012 Year Planner

I’ve scored:

  • Converging Paths – a five-part, North-Yorkshire-touring, headphone show adaptation of a novel, including the composition of 6 new choral pieces, with adaptations, for 24-part choir, with Slung Low.
  • Pandemic – a 3 act headphone show: part radio drama, part installation, part interactive theatre, in Singapore for the Arts Festival, along with sound design for the online site, again with Slung Low.
  • A trailer for a new indie horror feature, Burning Room (for director Marco Van Belle).
  • A ┬ábombastic, epic 3D CG animation adaptation of a classic sci-fi novel, for theme parks, with Red Star 3D.*
  • (Then I got married ­čÖé )
  • 15 Minutes Live 2012 – a series of five new radio plays, performed with live actors, live foley, and a live band with me conducting (still a new and scary challenge for me…). Again, with Slung Low.
  • A running game, for Team Cooper.*
  • Another 3D CG animation with Red Star 3D.*
  • A CG animation with Kilogramme Films, first in a series of four for internet security giant Kaspersky Lab.
  • Northern Big Board, a play in a swimming pool in Shipley, with Slung Low, Chol Theatre et al as part of a larger installation, celebrating their community.
Right now I’m prepping for this…

After which I’ll collapse. Then compose myself ready for some serious eating, drinking and general merriment over the holidays. And maybe then be in a fit state to think back on the year, learn the lessons and fully appreciate quite how epic, challenging and rewarding it’s been.

*Due to distribution/release rules I have to be a bit cagey about the work I’ve done with these companies. As soon as the information’s in the public domain, I’ll be banging on about these projects loads more…