2018 Midsummer Review – Birthday, Panels, RTS Award, Feature Film Music, and Books Devoured

I turn 39 in a few days. Is that a prime number? Looks like one (*looks it up* Ok it’s not). Last one before the big 4-0, which I’m very much looking forward to – it’s amazing to think I’ve lived this long, considering how much of a klutz I am.

Coming Up: PRS Panel –  How To Place Your Music in Film and TV

I’m on a PRS (Performing Rights Society) Panel about getting your music placed in Film and TV @7:50pm on Thursday, 19th July at DINA in Sheffield. Doors open at 5pm; there are two panels about Managing your PRS Account and the Yorkshire Music Forum; and then I’m on with two other specialists.

Feature Film Music Themes

Right now, I’m still working on pulling together themes for an animated feature film, and very much enjoying having time really explore the capabilities of each theme that appears, and the freedom to dump said theme if it isn’t versatile enough. I don’t want to jinx it, but after a few months of this, I think I now have the central theme. It’s definitely an ear-worm (or it is for me since I must have heard this particular motif hundreds, if not thousands, of times over now).

Site Sessions: Lightscapes and Soundscapes

In May I was on a panel for the brilliant Leila Johnstone‘s Site Sessions series, talking about my soundscape work for Slung Low. The podcast episode is here to listen to on iTunes.

Flood – RTS Nomination

Flood: To The Sea has been nominated for a RTS Yorkshire Award in the Production Excellence category! This was the third part of a year-long epic that Slung Low made for Hull City of Culture and BBC Performance Arts. Flood: To The Sea played on BBC2 in August 2017.

Edit July ’18: We won! Wooh – go team! Did not see that coming: we were up against Victoria and Ackley Bridge… o_O

Books Read

I’ve read some amazeballs books since April. The first two are fiction and the rest are non-fiction. I highly recommend them all:

Speak – Louise Hall
Stars are Legion – Kameron Hurley
You Are Not A Gadget – Jaron Lanier
The Organized Mind – Daniel Levitin
Think Like A Freak – Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner (the Freakonomics chaps)
The Order of Time – Carlo Rovelli
The Art of the Good Life – Rolf Dobelli
Happy – Derren Brown

All of the above either expanded my consciousness a little bit (in the case of The Order of Time, a lot) or were just a jolly good read with some clever little nuggets of ingenuity hidden along the way.

Image: Flickr