Raising the Stakes, Upping the Game

I’ve been feeling a little bit lately like I’m coasting. I’m incredibly grateful though – business is going well: I’m working on more projects that I really want and leaving behind work that was solely about the money.

2010 has been awesome, more so than 2009, which was pretty damn cool in itself. I expect 2011 will follow the trend, but now I’m thinking about what I can do to help push 2011 into the stratosphere.

Here are couple of ideas I’ve brainstormed to up the stakes and raise my game:

  • Every single score will have at least one custom, live, recorded acoustic instrument or vocalist from now on.
  • I’m already in the process of a new deal to get more publicity, promotion and exposure (can’t say much more about this yet but it’s v v exciting).
  • A concerted effort to listen to lots more music of different genres. Though I suspect I’ll always be a neo-romantic, soundtrack-loving lass at heart, it doesn’t hurt to try.
  • Even more so than I already have, I need to refine and automate lower-level administration tasks to allow more time for important stuff (like all the above).

Plenty to be getting on with, I reckon.

Over to you: how are you going to light a fire under 2011’s ass? 😉

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