Finding Unexpected Inspiration

Inspiration, the source of creativity. I would say that mine usually comes from the film or script that I have in front of me, or conversations with a director. These are, at least, the most obvious source.

Unexpected Inspiration - Ladybower Reservoir

This morning I drove from Sheffield to Manchester for my final day working with Slung Low at the Lowry theatre in Salford. During the last two days, Slung Low has working with drama students from Salford and Oldham Universities researching and developing the war show ‘Beyond the Front Line’.

It’s been a tough and tiring two weeks for the Slung Low company. The few days I’ve been with them, workshopping, recording dialogue, and helping with ‘live foley’ have been tiring for me too. Lord knows what I’d have been like if I’d have put in the hours with the students that the rest of the team have. I’m in awe at their energy and motivation.

So, driving over the hills of the Pennines, I was psyching myself up for another day of what could be a long and tiring session, when the already grey and drizzly weather suddenly got very foggy. Foglamps, less-than-100ft visibility foggy.

But then the road dropped down over one hill to the Ladybower reservoir, and I saw how flippin’ gorgeous the scenery was. Proper post-card quality.

I wish I’d stopped to take a photo!

And that’s all I needed to set me up for the day (which turned out to be actually really rather enjoyable. The students worked hard and at the end of the day brought together a rather respectable show. Well done!).

So… from what unexpected or unusual places or things have you ever received inspiration? And have you ever tried to repeat the experience to initiate the process of inspiration again?

Photo: Dun.can

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