New Album Release: Converging Paths

Converging Paths Album art

The soundtrack album of music from Converging Paths is released today, 11th February 2013, one year after the very first show of that epic 5-part project of 2012, made by Slung Low.

It’s available on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and Spotify (along with a ton of other online stores and streaming sites).

Get your mits on 10 tracks of musical loveliness with lyrics by Matthew David Scott, and featuring the vocal talents of The 24, conducted by Graham Bier.

I wrote here about working on the music for the project with The 24 before the very first showing...

And here about some thoughts on the process as it came to a close.

Converging Paths was a series of five new performances, with each piece taking place in a different location, each time being reinvented and re-created especially for a different North Yorkshire Festival: Coastival (Scarborough), Swaledale Festival (Richmond), Grassington Festival, Harrogate International Festival and Ryedale Festival (Pickering) between February – August 2012.