Yesterday’s Snack and How I Feel Today

Days 13 and 14 of #wpad

Yesterday we went to the Northern Vegan Festival in Manchester.  SOOO MUCH FOOD. Just about made it back home to Sheff before slipping into a sugar coma. But, my, it was good.

John’s hotdog was prettier in picture than the giant spanokopita type pasty I had (was scrummy though):


Then we had spring rolls from the lovely lady, Lisa Tse, who also made this sauce…

Sweet Mandarin Chili Sauce

… runs Sweet Mandarin Restaurant in Manchester with her twin sister, and got the funding on Dragon’s Den for these sauces. Their BBQ sauce was also sooo moreish she’d already sold out by the time we got to her at 11.30am-ish.

Then came a Ms Cupcake Ferrero Rocher SO GOOD (John’s cupcake in the background was also delish):

Ferrero Rocher Cupcake

Here’s the ginormous Ms Cupcake Choc Chip Cookie Sandwich we nommed on the train back:


And the tastiest little morsels of raw chocolatey goodness for dessert in the evening (and two for breakfast this morning heheheheh):

Raw Chocolate from Happy Herbi

All of this, the popularity of the festival yesterday (the queue to get in was snaking down the street from when we got there at 11am, and still doing so when we left at 3pm), sampling loads of yummy foods and drinks, talking to lots of compassionate, passionate, friendly people who are actively trying to make the world a better place for all its inhabitants, and the general atmosphere of generosity and enthusiasm…

Well, it’s left me feeling pretty good today.

Read John’s take on the festival here.