The Show Is Up And Running… Now What?

Anthology, produced by Slung Low and the Liverpool Everyman Theatre, is going strong. The reviews have been, in the main, positive. That show is well and truly up and running.

Which begets the dreaded question: Now what?

I get to this stage a couple of times a year. There’s been an extended period of intense work – composing, collaborating, redrafting, tweaking mixes and rearranging cues. It’s been exciting and stressful. Other commitments have been pushed to the wayside, responsibilities were reprioritised down the list. The pile of admin papers got taller and taller…

Then the show goes up and I’m suddenly extraneous. It’s a funny feeling. I’m kind of used to it but it doesn’t stop it being weird. I’m just not needed anymore.

So now what? I’ve got about four months or so until I’ve got a scheduled gig again. What the hell do I do with my time?


  • First things first: rest, relaxation, recovery, reflection. Got bored of that after four days.

So onto the big long list of Things I’ve Been Putting Off Until I Have Time…

  • Be uber-nice to John, my other half. His ears and good counsel have been my saviour when I’ve been tired and whiny these last few weeks. It’s payback time.
  • Back up all the files for Tis Pity and Anthology. In triplicate (internal and external hard drive, data DVD).
  • Get the music from the shows prepared and up for sale on Reverbnation. Explore this site more fully as a marketing tool. Integrate with my website somehow? Explore Spotify, iTunes etc as a means of distribution, promotion and maybe some passive income streams.
  • When Anthology and Tis Pity have finished their run, put selections up on YouLicense available for media licensing.
  • Trying out a new graphics tablet to replace the mouse (which will hopefully sort out this twingy right hand RSI).
  • Score a friend’s comedy short.
  • Get a new DVD Showreel together. Update and repackage the CD and DVD Showreel combo.
  • Make contact with two or three new production companies, chase up a few leads.
  • Write two or three more tracks for
  • Get back into blogging. One post a week ought to do it.
  • Get back into writing for
  • General website maintenance and tweaking. I really need to make it way more obvious where to go if you want to license or buy music. I’m getting the systems in place, it just may take a bit of work to really integrate it seamlessly.
  • Bake lots of cookies, go to the dentist (the two are not related!), get back into regular yoga (maybe subscribe again to YogaToday), have coffee and chats with friends I haven’t seen in months, do my end of year taxes and accounts (yawn) and get British Gas to finally sort the hell out which meter is mine and stop paying for someone else’s gas (grr).

Hmm. This may take longer than four months.

Links to things I’ve mentioned:

Slung Low’s Anthology Page – including production photos, videos, trailers, blogs and reviews.

My exclusive tracks available to license on

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