Music for Science Fiction – An Odyssey in Words

So here’s something rather fun – I’m a Kickstarter stretch goal incentive for 2001: An Odyssey in Words!

Hah! Or rather, some of my tunes are. I’ve composed three pieces inspired by Clarke’s famous three laws, and, as an added bonus, a special, ‘ceremony mix’ of them that includes some exclusive additional material to make an 11-minute epic journey through the stars and beyond. This ceremony mix track has only ever been heard at the Clarke Award annual ceremony. And my studio obvs. But nowhere else!

These big, splashy, lush, sci-fi tunes are yours when you back 2001: An Odyssey in Words, a new anthology of original fiction by an awesome pantheon of science fiction and fantasy authors. The Kickstarter has only to reach its stretch goal of £10,000. Easy Peasy.

Pledge here.

Image: NASA oh my gosh how pretty is that?