2011: Year of Awesome

I did a vlog! Just to try it out. They’re all the rage now, don’t you know.

Was supposed to be quick but it got a bit longer than expected. Also I went and added tunes and stuff so writing a post may have been quicker in the long run anyway. Tsk.

0:00 Music: Echoes of the Past – license for your own videos on Premiumbeat

1:05 Red Star 3D – Trailer for Sherlock Holmes 4D

Sherlock plays violin, so the instrument features heavily in the score. Here I talk a little bit about that process.

2:12 The music here is from The Correct Frequency for Stories from the Grassington Festival (Slung Low again). A little description of Slung Low (if you’ve not already heard of them. Yeah, like, as if. 😉 )

3:05 I wax lyrical about how cool 15 Minutes Live was. It really was though. Cool. As.

4:07 It is frigging ‘inimitable’. Un-inimitable??? That’s like a Bush-ism. In fact it’s worse. #lame

5:28 Music here is a midi mockup from 15 Minutes Live. As soon as this beast of a show gets mixed I’ll link to it. The CD will be distributed to Old Peoples’ Homes in Leeds and the mp3s will be available for download. FREE. I know. Aces, eh?

6:19 Singapore! And developing They Only Come At Night: Pandemic, the final instalment of the ongoing vampire drama. Here’s the boat on the towers. I wasn’t lying.

A Boat on Three Towers - Singapore











Music: Expanded Horizons – License on Premiumbeat. Suitably dramatic methinks.

Completely forgot to mention Original Bearings, also a Slung Low show, for the West Yorkshire Playhouse, that we made in October. That too was much fun: Cowboys and WWII Pilots and Explosions. This was a headphone show (explained in the vlog).

I also did some tunes for fabulous Team Cooper’s Roof-Top Rush Game.

For the first time I wrote a commissioned piece destined to be a gift – in honour of a (n exceedingly cute) new baby. Such a brilliant job. More of these please, universe. 😉

Huge apologies for the sound quality! It’s recorded straight onto Macbook through the internal microphone. When that fan starts (which it does as soon as you use any program other than Mail) you can’t hear anything else. I’ve learned my lesson though.

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