Finding Harmony Amidst Chaos: Strategies for Managing Stress in Freelance Media Work

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Welcome to the busy world of media composition, where deadlines and pressure can be overwhelming - but only if you let them. As a composer, I’ve learned valuable techniques to manage stress and find balance. Here I’ll share my journey and reveal strategies that have made a practical impact on my creative process. Get ready …

Are You Up for a Challenge? 30 Days of Music Morning Pages

Handwritten Music Manuscript
I'm on to the next stage of my DYCP project. Up until a few weeks ago I was learning new tools and techniques, and now I'm supposed to be composing. Which, in theory, sounds like a lovely thing, doesn't it? To have 3 months to just write whatever I want? Living the dream. But omg do I like to make things more difficult than they need to be and suddenly I'm feeling all this pressure to produce something awesome. We creatives do like to beat ourselves up unnecessarily, don't we.