New Album Release: Blood + Chocolate

A music studio
The soundtrack album of music from Blood+Chocolate is now officially released. It's available on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify et al... Post-show thoughts and links to reviews of the show More post-show thoughts and lovely pictures The official site (Pilot Theatre)

War, Hell, Blood and Chocolate

So here goes: when I first heard about the show Blood + Chocolate, I didn't want to do it. Now, this isn't a new phenomenon for me. It's just the lizard brain going into overdrive protective mode whenever I'm presented with a project that I can't quite wrap my head around. I just ignore the feeling and accumulate more facts and ideas from the people who know more of them, and eventually, I come around and start looking forward to it.

New Album Release: Pandemic

Handwritten music manuscript
The soundtrack album of music from They Only Come At Night: Pandemic is now officially released, one year after the first show at the Singapore Arts Festival 2012. It's available from most online outlets including but not limited to Spotify, Amazon, YouTube and, of course, iTunes.