New Album Release: Emergency Story Penguin

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The soundtrack album of music from Slung Low's Emergency Story Penguin, a play written by John Hunter and co-produced by Dep Arts, has been released. It's available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon,YouTube and all the other online outlets. For an insight into the process of writing songs - and specifically a breakaway pop hit sensation(!) - for Emergency Story Penguin and other Slung Low shows, …

New Album Release: Blood + Chocolate

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The soundtrack album of music from Blood+Chocolate is now officially released. It's available on iTunes, YouTube, Spotify et al... Post-show thoughts and links to reviews of the show More post-show thoughts and lovely pictures The official site (Pilot Theatre)

New Album Release: Pandemic

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The soundtrack album of music from They Only Come At Night: Pandemic is now officially released, one year after the first show at the Singapore Arts Festival 2012. It's available from most online outlets including but not limited to Spotify, Amazon, YouTube and, of course, iTunes.

New Album Release: Anthology

Handwritten music manuscript
The soundtrack album of music from Anthology is officially released today.Get it on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Spotify... The show played at the Liverpool Everyman theatre, and the streets of Liverpool thereabouts, in 2010. Made by Slung Low, the seven headphone promenade shows ran concurrently. The audience didn't know which show they'd be seeing on the night they arrived; they …