Blogmas number whatever

Missed a few days because life.

You know how it is, I expect.

Give yourself an audacious goal and go in with guns blazing and all the commitment and enthusiasm and then suddenly…

… there’s a day of meetings and peopling and chatting and meeting a celebrity comedian (!) and travel and timetables and getting back in at 1 in the morning and suddenly…

… all of one’s willpower (and will-to-stay-awake) goes… poof!

I’m back on the wagon now though – here I am, hello! Did you miss me? Did you even notice I’d gone? Hah! I didn’t think so.

See, when this sort of thing happens, no one really cares but yourself (ie me. I like to talk about myself in the second person; it feels less personal).

No one cares that you didn’t blog. No one cares that you didn’t send the newsletter. All of these things are extraneous and are really just for me (oops, me in the 1st person now, apologies for the chopping and changing).

So, like all things one sets one’s mind to, it’s the getting back on track that matters most, not the setting of an unbroken streak. It’s getting distracted and sidetracked and then bringing the focus back, again and again. That’s what pays dividends in the long haul – showing up, again and again, after any setback. Accepting my humanity and then reaching with gusto for the next opportunity to do what I set out to do.

But back to the important stuff: did I mention I met a celebrity comedian? Of course I did. That was fun. They said they liked my music. Win!

Photo: Unsplash

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