10 Reasons to be your own Boss

These are a few of the benefits you get from running your own business and being your own boss…

  1. You work on what you want to work on, what you’re passionate about, what fires your soul!
  2. You are usually in complete control of your day to day schedule, what time you start and finish work every day. 
  3. You decide whether or not you take the day off, or the week, or three…
  4. You decide the direction that your business will take and are free to change your mind on a whim (or a well-thought out decision).
  5. You will look forward to your working day rather than living only for the weekend.
  6. Complete job security: you can’t ever get fired 🙂
  7. Never get a ticking off from your boss
  8. Work as equals with your work colleagues rather than being an employee (aka underling/lackey)
  9. Get a good accountant and claim loads of stuff against tax 😉
  10. Create as much or as little variety as you want, accept as much or as little work as you feel like.

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