Blood And Chocolate And Beyond

As usual, it’s all been a bit of a whirlwind of late. Seems like longer than three weeks ago that we had this sunny Sunday morning choir rehearsal for Blood+Chocolate, out on site. eyeemfiltered1380481146753_Bronze
Craig (MD) seems to be emitting some sort of ethereal god-glow in this pic, probably due to his mad choir wrangling skills. By this point in the rehearsals I was losing the ability to string sentences together so probably just as well the spotlight was on him rather than me – thanks Craig! Don’t worry if you’re off to see it tonight or tomorrow, no spoilers here.

eyeemfiltered1380560981564_Bubble_SoftIntrovert is, introvert does. Two days later, I escaped for a brief moment of calm before the second dress rehearsal. One of the upstairs rooms in the disused council building we were using as a base for Blood+Chocolate had amazing views over the river to the skyline of York. Filter-tastic.

amongst the cloudsFive days later, John and I flew off to Grenada for our belated week-long honeymoon, which was awesome and beautiful and eye-opening and lovely. Being this high above the ground doesn’t half give you some perspective.

When I’m a bit less dazed I may write some more about making this epic show, but ’til then here are some mostly nice…

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It’s sold out, but you can watch it here on YouTube for a flavour of the live event.