Day 8 of Michelle’s Picture a Day Challenge at Write So Fluid…

“Pens are the best friends you can have… If they don’t work, you shake ’em. If they still don’t work, you chuck ’em away.” Oh Pauline.

Bamboo tablet and pen Anyway, I don’t really like using pens, much prefer a pencil for note taking, but I do use a Bamboo tablet and pen instead of a mouse in the studio.

I got some pretty dreadful right hand RSI a few years ago and this totally sorted it out (along with the chair cushion and makeshift phonebook footrest, and a week off. But mostly it was this.)

Having my hand rest on the outside little finger side of my hand keeps my arm at a happier angle, rather than resting palm down on top of the mouse, elbow resting on the table. At one point I was getting some serious numbness in the pinky and ring fingers, which after some serious self-diagnosing google-fu I attributed to cubital tunnel syndrome (it’s like carpel tunnel but on the other side) along with these shooting pains in the top of the hand (buying the tablet was the last resort before heading for the docs, so who knows if the diagnosis was right…).

What’s lovely about the pen and tablet is that it feels more natural for the way I like to input notes in Logic Pro – I’d rather draw in the notes than play in through a midi piano keyboard, mostly because my piano skills ain’t what they used to be. I still worked that way back with the mouse, and it worked fine until it effed up my hand.

There you go.

(Also the pen holder was a souvenir purchase from The American Craftsman store in New York two years ago. IT’S SO PRETTY yet subtle and minimalist and functional. Plus it stops me losing the pen.)

Could not for the life of me find a Premiumbeat track o’ mine that would suit this tale of woe, desperate investigation and euphoric conclusion (now there’s a niche market for a tune if ever I saw one), but fear not, you can’t keep shameless self-promotion down, so here’s a tune from 59 Minutes To Save Christmas (Slung Low/Barbican, 2012) instead. Feels like it could happily accompany a montage showing late nights spent scouring the interwebs for answers. At Christmas. Or something.

The lovely John’s post on Pens made me chuckle muchly. IT’S ALL CONNECTED. Somehow.