2017 – The Year of Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone

Golf Course In The Fog Simon Harrod Flickr
I think my theme for 2017 might have been 'getting out of my comfort zone'. I said YES to bunch of opportunities I perhaps wouldn't normally have gone for. Sometimes it worked really well for me, sometimes it... didn't quite turn out as I'd hoped. I learned a LOT about how, why and when to 'get out' of said 'comfort zone' for maximum value...

The Themes of Flood

Set from Flood Part 2 (Malcolm Johnson Photography)
Flood, a show of four parts, had four main themes. Inventing and developing themes is massively rewarding fun that you only really get to do on long projects - for example, on multi-part theatre, or feature films. It's all about exploration and trying to push the boundaries of these tiny motifs in melody, rhythm and sound design.

#MeToo: Some Sexism This Way Came

black and white image of vintage condenser microphone for voice
Inspired by Emma Bright's article about her experiences of sexism - Girl On The Platform Smile - and in the spirit of solidarity, here are a few of my experiences with sexism that some may consider easily walked away from, ignored; as unimportant. Not worth making a fuss about. Sometimes I did make a fuss; sometimes I didn't.