How to create sound design for a Pixar Animation:
Wall-E and Ben Burtt

Just watched Wall-E again (fab xmas present - thank you!). Have to say that robot is the most adorable thing ever - and in no small way owes this to the sound designer Ben Burtt. Discovered through a post on, these short videos show how Ben Burtt created the physical, sonic reality of a …

Quitting Coffee Cold Turkey

A music studio
Anyone who knows me knows I love my cuppa hot java. It's been a habit for the last few years (and then some) to have at least two big mugs of black coffee first thing in the morning simply to function at a normal level. And, despite my preaching to the opposite in a previous post on Creativity and How to Deal With Mental Blocks, I have begun to rely on coffee and caffeinated drinks to kick start the inspiration... that is until the last week.