Is Film Music Art or Just Low-Brow Commercial Fluff?

close up microphone in front of an audience

Is any music that is created for a purpose, other than that of it's own existence, art? Is film music art, or theatre music, or advert music, or music that appears on a CD-Rom presentation, or accompanying a website promo film, or music on a trailer? Even if the music's primary purpose is purely commercial - to sell that product or promote another - does that preclude its intrinsic value as art?

Tips for Composing Music With A Computer
(ie How To Make It Sound Good)


Composing on a computer sequencer with software/outboard synthesizers and samples is quite a bit different to composing for real instruments. There's no subsitute for an orchestra when that's the sound you want. However, if you think of your kit as something other than an orchestra-in-a-box, and write instead to its strengths, you might not ever …