17 October 2008

It’s turning out to be rather a lovely end to 2015 – Both Emergency Story Penguin and 59 Minutes to Save Christmas are playing concurrently at The Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. It’s a bit surreal to see billboard advertisements for it dotted around the city centre but I’m attempting to deal with it without squealing each time I encounter one.

I’ve also joined the Third Angel team on Partus, a show about childbirth in all its bloody glory, that’ll play in the Crucible Studio in January, which means that, including Camelot: The Shining City, I’ll have been involved with four shows at this venue, five including The Straight Man at Moor Theatre Delicatessen, in my hometown in the space of 6 months. This trend doesn’t half make me smile and I’m very much hoping it continues into the new year…

Both soundtracks are available for Emergency Story Penguin and 59 Minutes to Save Christmas on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play etc, so get streaming/downloading if you want to continue the magic of each of these brilliant kids’ shows.

Happy Holidays everyone! 🎄🎉🎊

See you in 2016 :-)

I’ve three new tracks made available recently to license for any and all your media needs on Premiumbeat! Get ’em while they’re hot…

Sense The Future
A Light, bright, happy and forward-looking piano piece with electronic elements create a contemporary and aspirational piece, which would suit images of technology, progress and achievement. Lively and optimistic!

Picture The Past
A delicate, assured piano piece, accompanied by strings which creates an air of pleasant nostalgia with a touch of hope.

Remember Me
A minimalist, intimate piano track with slowly evolving, ambient string lines. Gentle, nostalgic and heartwarming, though subtle and understated.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up… Your Life

3 November 2015 Miscellaneous

I decluttered from April to July, following Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying (which IS effing life-changing, though I won’t go into that so much here). I liked her approach perhaps as I’ve already been sort of doing it in other areas of life, with interesting effects on work. If I’m completely honest, […]

Pause for Thought

15 October 2015 Miscellaneous

Work is quiet at the moment. This would have filled 27-year-old me with dread. She would find the not knowing quite when the next paycheque will come in daunting. 36-year-old me is different. She’s relieved. It’s been a busy few years since I had an appreciable gap in the schedule like this one, and I’m due […]

Hack Circus Podcast – Musical Manipulation

1 September 2015 Websites and Blogging

A little while back I had a lovely chat with Leila Johnston of Hack Circus to talk, amongst other intriguing topics, about musically manipulating people (with consent, obvs).

Camelot: The Shining City

18 June 2015 Theatre

Sheffield Crucible Theatre, 9-18 July 2015. I’ve been working on the score to Camelot: The Shining City solidly for the last month and a half, and it’s all just about plotted and rehearsal-ready. Dress Rehearsals are in a fortnight so we’re in a good place to get into the finer edits. This has been rather a […]

New Album Release: Emergency Story Penguin

13 April 2015 Theatre

The soundtrack album of music from Slung Low’s Emergency Story Penguin, a play written by John Hunter and co-produced by Dep Arts, has been released. It’s available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon,Google Play, YouTube and all the other online outlets. For an insight into the process of writing songs – and specifically a breakaway pop hit sensation(!) – for Emergency Story Penguin and other Slung Low […]

Scoring the Song: Emergency Story Penguin

15 February 2015 Composing Music

In January, I hit the ground running. I sketched out a plot of the cues in the Emergency Story Penguin script, Slung Low’s latest children’s show. I realised there was a lot of music in this show and I better get started pronto!

59 Minutes To Save Christmas at Z-Arts in Manchester

15 December 2014 Theatre

Take the whole family to save Christmas at Z-Arts in Manchester! Made by Slung Low, the show runs until Christmas Eve, and tickets are going fast. Shows are at 11am, 2pm, 4pm and 7pm most days from this Saturday (20th Dec) onwards. — The full album is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and all other […]

Holey Moley! plays on CITV

5 December 2014 Television

I worked on this brilliant short animation for Kilogramme Animation back in October. It played on CITV throughout November. So much fun! And, *spoiler warning* the mole gets the upper hand at the end so of course I loved it. From the ComposerWorks site: The BAFTA-winning series, run annually by CITV in which children aged […]

The Aviatrix: Capetown to Goodwood

2 November 2014 Film

It’s November, and I’m just wrapping up the mix on a Christmas Ad (more on that when it broadcasts…). Where did the year go?! Earlier in the year I worked on ‘The Aviatrix’ (at the time, its working title was ‘Capetown to Goodwood’), a feature-length documentary about Tracey Curtis-Taylor’s recreation of Lady Heath’s first female-piloted […]